Further Development

Below you can see another 3D printing form which I have produced from the data. This version is a bit more complex the the first one.-


A problem I needed to deal with was the spread of the data; it ranges from 6000 to 0.2! What I had to do was learn how to write simple formulas, similar to those in excel, to evaluate the numbers if the go above a certain value. The formula described that if x was greater than 100 then multiply it by 0.01 to move the decimal point a couple of points.This was written as: if(x>100, x*0.01,x), which means if x is greater than 100 then times x by 0.01 otherwise leave x. Below you can see what happens when you move points along the x axis by x amount defined by the data. I then interpolated a curve through these points create curves as a basis for a form. The curve would only.work if the data was then sorted into chronological order. Below you can see the results.


^The result of putting the data through a set of points without evaluation. You can see the huge spread of points with the some of the points not even being visible because they are clumped near the origin.


^Here you can see the definition which rounds and evaluated the points, changing them accordingly, see below for the results.


^The points along the X axis, and the interpolated curve below.


^The curve is a bit all over the place, this can be sorted out by adding in the sort function which sorts the data ready to go through the interpolate curve function.



I have also started to consider how I am going to translate these abstract forms that I am producing in grasshopper, into a real world lighting piece that the viewer may relate to and understand as well as looking aesthetically pleasing, drawing the viewer into the piece further. They also need to be commercially viable.

Below you can see some renderings of some of my initial ideas of how I might integrate lighting strips into the piece. The lights would aim to accentuate the flowing and curvaceous forms of the shapes.


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