The Glass Surface

Below is the finished Glass Surface. I am very very pleased with how it has turned out. It has turned out better than I expected, both from the point of surface quality and clarity along well as form achieved from the mould. The process and material has altered and defined the form somewhat which I … More The Glass Surface

Summer Travels

Over the summer period I embarked on a trip along the west coast Italy. During this trip I experienced a large wealth of Italian culture and history. As many people have been, I was inspired by the Roman architecture and design.  Thanks to their incredible knowledge of construction we are still able to view the remains of … More Summer Travels


This year the uni offered a trip to the London Design Festival. We went to the design show Tent which was a really good experience. It was interesting to see the wealth of design from around the world. Below are a few of the most inspiring pieces for me- I particularly liked some of the Scandinavian … More Tent

CAD Designs

I have been experiment with using rhino to ender my CAD drawing of my light. Below you can see some of the results that I plan to put on my design sheets. I enjoy using CAD software to model my work and then see how it comes out in real life and I enjoy the … More CAD Designs

Packaging Design

Below you can see some CAD drawings for my packaging. I had the idea of having a window on the top of the box which allows you to see through to the circle light, giving and interesting yet simple front to the box. Additionally, I have designed my logo which you can see on the … More Packaging Design

Made By hand

This was an very informative and useful talk given by Sarah James the organizer of the Made By Hand craft fair, on the fairs policies and how to work with craft fairs. They have a start up policy whereby if you are in the first 2 year of business you can apply for a discounted stand. There is … More Made By hand