Refining the Idea

Following a group discussion, presentations and tutorial, I have realised I need to pin down this idea about using the planets to inform form. The initial ideas was to use light to create a form for a lighting piece. Our natural source of light is the sun, which brought me to the rest of the solar system which also emits light. However this light is technically reflected light which is a small technicality but should be addressed. The reflectivity of planets, know as Albedo, differs from planet to planet depending on various different factors. I though I would be good to uses the data about these factors which affect the Albedo of planets, to inform this form, linking it back to light.

I have been looking into these factors; below is some initial research. Albedo is a major factor in climate change so there is a wealth of research about it and how it affects the planet.


I will continue looking into Albedo and how I might be able to integrate it into my work.

I have continued to think about what the lighting piece is designed to achieve. I know want my lights to provide usable light for its environment, whether that be in the form of a high power wall light, or as a low power bedside light, it should provide functional light. In addition to this, to take the product above the standard lighting fixture and move it more towards the realm of art, I want the lights to  communicate their concept well to the end user and the user to be able to relate to this concept. I would like the materials of the lights to reflect this high-end placement of the lights. The lights will bridge the gap between art and design, attracting customer who look to have art in their home and are interested in the real world functionality.


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