Light Project

As we have just got back to term, I have started thinking further on my light project and how it might actually work. One of my main concerns is how to produce the hollow triangles which I can put magnets inside, as well as electronics, so I some experiments with how I might do this. What I have come to is making a two part triangle out of solid wood and the mortising out the wood, then fitting them together and gluing in a bottom once everything is inside. Making each edge separately out of wood would just be too hard to fit together.

For the ceramic shapes I will probably have to cast them. I hope to to laser cut a net for the plastic ones and fit them together. I still need to think further on how I am going to wire it all so it is safe from electric shocks, but can still transfer electricity from one triangle to another. I might need to A. make the contacts as small as possible and B. make the light battery powered so there is less current. Or the lit triangles are powered by individual batteries and touching another triangle to it triggers it to turn on. The main light could be wired straight into the mains and not via all the other triangles. My light project is going to have to go on hold for a little bit whilst I focus on my BAMs project and making my field project designs a reality!


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