Medal Making Part 3

Having got back from the Christmas break I started dipping my bronze tree. Below you can see the first two on the tree. You begin with 2 coating of thick ceramic powder mixture and thin dust. You follow this with thin mixture and coarse dust.

I also experimented with pouring pewter into the silicon molds, which was tricky. The card which I had engraved onto had stuck to the silicone mold, so I had to burn it out using a mini blow torch. Once this was doe I dusted the mold in graphite to stop air bubbles in the pewter and poured. The results were mixed. However, after a couple of attempts the shapes came out quite well with the pewter picking up the textures of the tree quite well. Below you can see the outcomes. I now need to try and machine the shapes to get the finish on the reverse side and to get them to fit together.


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