Final Field Designs And Presentation

Below you can see our ppt. The presentation went really well I was very please with how it has turned out and whilst our plan is ambitious due to the size of our group, I think if we can plan our time effectively and allocate our tasks right, then we should be able to achieve our design. As you can see from our Gantt chart we will all be putting the metal railing together on the wall. I will be constructing the table together with Joshe`s help and Abbie and Georgia will be working on the wooden wall. I will also be cutting and welding the metal wall. Josh will be doing the centerpieces and helping us with the metal wall. We are most concerned about the metal wall so we plan to have everybody confused on it in the last week. The table design has evolved a lot since the start! I have toned it down a lot, trying to mimic the linear nature of the metal railings. The base of the table is going to be the same material as the metal railings to help suggest this design cue. The wooden wall will match the wood of the table. So the table is trying to help merge the metal wall and the wooden wall. To also aid this merge we want to bring the metal into the wood at the back of the room. The metal tubing will fit in between the panels. As far as the lighting goes we plan to intergrate the lighting into our walls, replacing some of the wooden panels with an frosted acryli panel. For the metal wall we will replace sections of the metal tube with an acrylic rod. It will all be lit using high power LEDs. The centrepiece of the room will be placed in the middle of the table and will consist of lots of geometric porcelain shapes which are lit from the edges of the centre break of the table.

The past 5 weeks has been a bit of a journey of ups and downs and lots of differnt design flying round. I am very happy with our final outcome and think it is differnt and if we can pull it off, it could be very effective. The main ambition of the room is to bring the outside in and distort it. We hope to play with perspective focusing on angles ad points of view.

Below you can see my perspective drawing of the room design along with the individual components of the room.


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