New CNC and Lasercutting Definition

I have developed a new, more efficient grasshopper definition which can be used to generate either CNC or lasercutting files. The definitions either generates; 1. layers of a form spaced at a specified distance apart defined by the material thickness for lasercutting or 2. generates a waffle structure with grooves in each section which slot together with the size of the slot defined by the material thickness again. Below is the definition-


The difference between this definition and the previous one is 1. you don’t need to draw lines around the object to slice it, it automatically find the size of the form by making a bounding box around it and slices it into sections from there 2. you can easily change the material thickness and it will change how the sections fit together accurately 3. It provides you with notches for each section to slot into when creating a waffle structure. 4. It lays out all the pieces much more effectively and efficiently, wasting less material and making it easier to put it straight into illustrator and then to the laser cutter.

Using the definition to CNC a sphere-

Using the definition to CNC a form-

Using the definition to generate Lasercutting sections-

Out of all the definition I have developed so far, this is probably one of the ones I am most proud of as I wrote a large portion of without any help from the internet. I think it is also really satisfying that it will work with pretty much any form and provides an alternative method of fabrication of complex forms to 3D printing.


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