Constellation PDP

Looking back over the previous two-year constellation it has been very up and down. With first year seeing interesting and eye-opening debates and theories in the second term as I was exposed to theories of materials and making which I found immensely interesting and have used since to inform my making. The first term however … More Constellation PDP


For my dissertation I am writing a Businesses plan. Part of this requires me to research the market and the current trends present in the market. Below are some of my findings which I find inspiring and exciting, feeding back into my subject work. Below is an extract from my business plan- A brand new … More Reserch

Level 5 Constellation Reflection

I had 4 session with 2 different lecturers in the first term of this year. You can see the sessions and what we did week by week in the ‘Constellation’ folder. ‘Theory as Object’ examied how theories can shapes ones practice, understanding how ones practice can relate back to theoretical frameworks, improving, developing and contributing to them. We … More Level 5 Constellation Reflection

Theory as Object

This is the first of 5 constellation lectures on how theory can be treated as a object. LO- To understand what theory is To know how to identify theories, how to interrogate and use theories To be able to work through theories and to combine them into a theoretical framework To know how to make the … More Theory as Object

Third Term Plan

Subject- This term I need to pick up where I was with the subject project (table and chairs with a light) before I started concentrating on my field work. I need to establish a finial design and think about the scale of the piece. In the process of establishing a final design I need to … More Third Term Plan