Curating the Exhibtion

I have now finished making the plinth for my exhibition and I was faced with the decision of how to position it. My space spanned a corner so my initial thought was to place the arc plinth so it curved around the corner and was far enough away from the walls let people walk around it. However, when it was positioned like this, it didn’t actually feel that inviting to walk around, as it look quite unstable. It was also quite at an awkward position between the wall and the centre of the floor.

The answer to this was actually place one end of the arc against the wall, so it emerged from the wall. Although this closed off one end of the plinth for walking around, it actually felt more inviting to go behind, which I though was really interesting. I wanted to put my book on the farthest wall behind the arc to further invite people in and allow them to see the work as they read the book. Another thing that I am considering doing for the show, is print off a massive clear vinyl of the grasshopper algorithms, and putting it on the wall behind the pieces, to hint at what the pieces are about.


I am pleased with how it looks and think the pieces work well in the space. The pieces are lit by a single spot light, casting shadows on their surfaces which brings out the forms further. I presented the oak so that the edge that had messed up on the CNC machine was against the wall and couldn’t be seen. Its rear face is actually very effective so that worked out okay in the end.

The other pieces have been presents in different orientations. This is because the forms look best when positioned at certain angles, casting particularity nice shadows, helping give the feeling that each piece and form is unique. The pieces were secured to the plinth using silicone adhesive, which should allow me to peel the forms off at the end, without damaging them. The Bronze is the only piece that sits on it edge which I really like, helping it stand out from the rest. This was achieved by tapping a stainless steel bolt into the bronze and securing it to the plinth.


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