Exhibition Design

I have been working on some new designs for the exhibition. I have realised how much the design of my plinths is going to be a key factor to how the pieces look as a collection. One of the main things concerning me was the flat bases on the forms, as I had originally designed them to have a flat bottom bit to be fitted to the wall, but now my concept for the exhibition has changed somewhat, they are not needed anymore. So I wanted to come up with a plinth design which could encompass this and make use of it. Additionally, I wanted to make the data for each planet present to further get across the concept and make people question where the forms have come from further.

After much though I came up with the following design-

Circle Exhibition Set up.220Circle Exhibition Set up.217Circle Exhibition Set up.218Circle Exhibition Set up.211Circle Exhibition Set up.212

The plints will each have an acrylic section which the piece sits on, utalising its flat base. This section will also have the data printed onto it in acetate. The will be lit from within by a dim, warm LED which ever so slightly illuminated the pieces from below, and also illuminates the data.

It is going to be quite a challenge to make these plinths due to the angle of the acrylic to the wood and the fact I need 8 of them! So I am going to allow quite a bit of time to get them done and it may involve CNC machining out the parts.


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