Ceramics: Finishing

I have been working on finishing the Ceramics using 240 grit wet and dry on the ceramics to smooth out the surfaces. This was very effective and the surfaces reacted really well to the sandpaper, yeilding a silky smooth surface which I am very pleased with. I really like the colour of the terracotta when it is wet and i’m not so keen on how orange it goes when it dries, so I am going to look into how I might be able to darken it surface. Additionally, I think I may try and glaze one of the terracotta and earthenware forms to give them a glossy finish, as I really liked the glossy effect the water gave to the ceramics when they are wet. This of course wouldn’t fit in with my concept of reflectivity, but as a range of lighting that I might want to offer in the future as part of Mooremaking, the glossy glaze could work really nicely. Below are some images of the pieces, whilst still wet, with their smooth, sanded surfaces.





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