The Aluminium Surface

I have finished working on the aluminium after filling in the last couple of holes on the surface with the TIG welder once the gas had been replaced. I ground down the weld and gave the whole form another polish using the buffer again to bring back the sine. I am very pleased with how the form of Jupiter looks. Whilst the colour of the form is of course not the same as Jupiter, the surface finish is somewhat similar. Jupiter is a gas giant, thus the surface has no craters. The Aluminium has a very uniform finish on the surface with next to no imperfections. The sightly rough texture also diffuses the light so it isn’t as reflective as the bronze, just as Jupiter isn’t as reflective as Venus. Yet the metallic surface still reflects a fair bit which corresponds to Jupiter being the second most reflective planet in the solar system. I love the grey metallic colour of the aluminium along with its uniformity and its sheen. See below for images.





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