Development of Other Applications of New Data

In-between other things, I have continued to work on other applications of my design method using alternative data. Below are a list of the ideas I have been working on-

  • 3D wall pieces which visualised anomalies in the emission of CO2 gasses from 1990 to 2016. The pieces become more and more complex as the emission of the gasses rise as the years progress. Or the form of the pieces deteriorate more as the anomalies increase. Data taken from NASA’s data visualisation studio and inputted into a image sampler to create the forms which visualise the environmental problems through interesting wall art forms. Similar wall pieces could be generated using deforestation data being inputted into a curve or point attractor definition. I have produced a few of these wall pieces, see below-
  • Interesting sculptural coffee tables where the base is a form defined by ocean currents. The form is generated by visualised ocean data through the image sampling definition. The coffee table goes beyond it normal function, but is used as a showpiece to bring the beautiful forms and patterns created by earths oceans into the home, making it the centre piece of a table through data and technology. I have already produced some of these pieces when experimenting with the image sampler, see below
  • Other applications of the planetary forms such as interesting buildings or canopies, trophies and tables. Previously I produced some table ware design using the image sampler onto different surfaces-

Over the next week leading up the deadline I will be working on producing these forms which I can display in the section of my exhibition which shows the applications of my design methods.



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