Ceramics: More Slip Casts

Below are some images of some further slip casts. They are coming out really nicely and I cant wait to see how they look when they come out of the Kilns. I am especially excited to see how the terracotta looks when it is fired as I have very little experience with this material and it is exciting new territory.

The only issue I have been having is the collapsing of some of the walls of the forms in the terracotta slip. I realised this is probably down to the way I have been pouring out the slip from the mould; I have been pouring it out a bit too fast so air gets trapped inside the mould which, which when released, creates a vacuum inside the form which pulls the walls in and makes a ‘glugging’ noise. So I need to pour the slip out slower to get around this. Strangely this doesn’t happen in the other casting slips, but this may be because they actually have less slip in when I pour them out so there are already gaps for the air to escape.

I have also established the optimum timings for each slip-

Terracotta- 30-40 mins before pouring out and rotating to fill pour hole.

Porcelain- 10-15 mins

White Earthenware- 20-25 mins

Below are two videos of casting the forms-


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