Ceramics: The First Slip Casts

The plaster moulds have now dried enough to carry out the first slip casts. After cleaning the moulds out using some earthenware casting slip, I poured the Terracotta, Porcelain and White Earthenware slip into the moulds. The method I used was to leave the slip in for varying amounts of time depending on the clay body and then tip some of the slip out, leaving a bit left inside. Then I put in the plugs in and rotated the mould upside down to fill the pouring hole. Following this I rotated the mould on all sides to get the remain slip to coat the inside of the form evenly.

The casts came out really well first time from the mould and I am very pleased with how the forms look in the wet clay. The light catches each form differently which I really like. I am now going to do a few more casts to get a couple of forms out. I plan to try varying the thickness of the casts to see which fire the best with the least amount of warping. The main form which will warp is the porcelain due to the high firing temperature, so I am going to cats it quite thick and bisque fire it before taking it to 1280 degress.


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