Exhibition Plan Update

After much discussion with the tutors and others, I have decided on a new way of displaying my work. As I have been getting the forms out into their final materials, I feel they work really well as a piece on their own, especially the metals. Therefore what I have decided to do is to display the pieces on their own, positioned around the the sun, lit from within, in such a way that their surface catch and reflect the light in different ways casting shadows across the undulating surfaces. The space will be quite dim to achieve this and as the view walks around the work the light will move across the planets differently, creating different effects on the surfaces as they pieces as viewed at different angles. Separate to this planetary space will be a applied design space where I show how the pieces can be used as up-lighters and possible some other applications of the forms together with the other work I am developing along side this showing the design methods.

Its a fairly large decision for me to make these forms into objects without utilitarian function. But I think it is really interesting what has happened with this work. I have been working right on the line between the art and design spectrum. What is interesting is how the forms can go from being used as part of an installation about data visualisation and letting form be define by something external, to a sculptural, conceptual wall light which provide functional light to its environment. This line is really interesting to explore and is something I want to communicate in my exhibition.

Furthermore, it is going to be key that I am able to communicate the concept to the viewers effectively so they get some ideas what the pieces are about when they first see the work, serving to then draw them into it further and mak them want to find out more.

I have still a lot to think about regard how the space will actually look and how everything will be laid out to give the desire effect without along with the deign of the plinths and exhibition aids to make the space look professional and communicate the ideas. I also don’t want the space to look at all cluttered or messy and I am going to have to think carefully about the second section of the space with all the applied designs as it could end up looking a bit all over the placed with the breath of design.


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