Concrete: First Attempt

Below you can see some images of the first attempt at making the concrete form of Mercury.

The mix I mentioned in the previous blog post worked well and flowed into the mould nicely. However, despite the layers of Vasaline and soft soap the concrete still got stuck to the plaster and I eventually resorted to breaking off the mould around the concrete to get it out. The front surface of the form was good actually and the Vasaline has created a barrier between the plaster so it has taken up the form well. But the rear of the form was really rough and full of holes. I think this was because the all the concrete sunk to the bottom, leaving all the aggregates on the top. The fact the the concrete sunk down meant that not only did not enough mix get into the mould, but there were too many aggregates in the mix.

I have decided to make a silicone mould with a plaster jacket for the concrete after this failure. This will allow me to reuse the mould over and over again allowing for more errors to be made! I will also be moving the pour hole so that It is easier to fill the mould with concrete. I will make the hole on the edge of the form and pour it straight down so gravity fills the mould for me. I now have the lengthy process of making a plaster/silicone jacket.



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