New Ideas About the Exhibition

Now that I have got both the bronze and aluminium to consider as objects, I have been able to think further on how I want to display the pieces. I have been considering changing the function of the pieces a bit because firstly, the Bronze form is very heavy and therefore makes it unpractical to be mounted on a wall and secondly, the rear of the bronze, the negative of the form, looks really nice as well and it would be a shame to waste the effort which has gone into producing that rear form by placing it on a wall. The aluminium also gave a similar feeling, with the rear surface looking really nice together with the front and although the weight of the aluminium is much less than the bronze, I still feel it would work well as an object in itself rather than on a wall as a lighting piece. This made me question the design of my exhibition space. Below are a few new ideas for how I might present the pieces as objects. I still want to keep The Sun as a light, but to make it the only light and place the objects so they reflect the light from the sun as the do in space.


This initial idea was to still have a curved wall but instead of having the lights on the wall, they are mounted around the sun on thin plinths similar to those I saw at Collect. The curved wall would allow the viewer to walk around the back of the pieces whilst still hinting at the curved nature of which the planets orbit the sun

A further idea was to position the planets on plinths as they are positioned from the sun. I used grasshopper to move each piece the exact amount they distanced from the sun, scaling this down to fit into a space, so 1 mm = 1 km.


Another thought I had was to actually have the pieces rotation at a representative speed at which they rotate in space. So 1 minute = 1 day on earth. The suns light would reflect off the surfaces differently as the pieces would rotate, casting different shadows across their surfaces.


I am going to continue to think further on how I want to display my work as these are just rough ideas and whilst they are nice I need to iron out the actual practicalities of each design.



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