Aluminium: Cold Work

Having done the majority of the work filling in the holes in the aluminium, I decided to work the surfaces of the form to a finished standard. I had decided that I really like the surface texture that the aluminium had acquired from the sand mould, so all I did was use a wire brush attachment on the air tool to bring out this texture and give the surface a bit of a shine. Following this I used the soft attachment on the polisher to further even out this surface and give it a uniform finish, as the wire brush can make uneven marks on the surface. On the rear of the aluminium form of Jupiter, I simply buffed it up on the polishing wheel which made a darker surface which I really liked. I like the two finish on each side of the piece, give each side a unique feel.

I am really pleased with how the aluminium has come out, and I really like how it looks together with the bronze.


All I need to do on the aluminium now is to fill in the smaller holes using the TIG welder.



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