The Bronze Surface

Having completed this process, seen the finish now on the bronze and talking to various people, I am beginning to quite like the surface defects. It speaks of the process and the material and how the material has reacted the the form defined by the planet Venus. Its really interesting to think about the relationship of the material to the planet and there is something about the defects on the surfaced of the bronze which speak of the rough surface of Venus. I am going to think over the next few days about where I want to take the bronze piece from here. I am also thinking that it may not be very suitable as a wall light, not just practically but also aesthetically and conceptually. The bronze form is very sculptural and is a pieces in its own right without the function added in there. It may well work on a plinth, speaking about form, planetary characteristic and the relationship between the planet, its representative form and material. This would mean I would change my exhibition space to be less linear and symmetrical, with some pieces onto the wall and some on plinths and some lit and some not.



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