The Bronze

After a couple of hours the bronze is cool enough to get out of the mould. This is a really interesting stage in the process of making the forms as up to this point the physical forms have all been in the same material and looked relatively similar, but now I have the form in a new and different material it completely changes its character. This transferal of material becomes evident as soon as you crack open the mould to reveal the cast form and thus thus become a key moment in the making if a piece.


I am pleased with how the form has come out. Its amazing that I have been able to get this bronze in under a week so I am very pleased that it has worked. However, the surfaces of the bronze are quite rough and there are quite a few small holes and fissures. This is due to the tensions between the thick parts of the form and the thinner parts. The bronze pulls and pushes in areas of thick and think and as a result you get these surface defects where the tensions are pulling the bronze apart. The surfaces is also quite rough due to the bronze penetrating the sand slightly so will need a lot of cleanup work. I actually quite like the rough texture and it may be that I actually keep some of the rough areas polishing over them to still get a shine. At this stage my first priority is to clean up the surfaces of the bronze to get a proper idea of how the form is going to look and how much repair work needs to be done.



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