The Plan For Glass

I have managed to get in contact with a glassblowing company, Topglass based in Worcestershire, who have agreed to have a go at blowing glass into a plaster and flint mould of the Sun that I am going to make, to create a hollow glass form. I am going to scale the Sun’s form up to match the sizes of the the wall lights, so the form doesn’t look tiny as a pendant light and matches the other forms on the wall. I have yet to decide on the best method for manufacturing this at the new scale, but I think I am going to 3D print the form in two halves and then join the halves together. The plaster and flint mould will also be in two halves so there will be a join mark running around the centre of the glass so I don’t need to worry to much about the join of the 3D prints being immaculate. In addition to this, Topglass said I would have chill marks on the glass due to the use of a cool plaster and flint mould rather than a hot stainless steel mould that would be usually used, so the form will need a bit of clean-up work using a glass gender and then wet and dry, to get a pristine finish. I am really pleased and excited by the prospect of a hollow glass form which I will be able to light from the inside and hopefully hang up as a pendant in the centre of my exhibition space.


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