Redesigning the Sun

Since I am looking for the Sun’s form to be lit from within and hung, I am going to have to make the form hollow. After much consideration I have realised that this in not really feasible using the same glass casting processes that I used last term. I am most likely going to have to outsource the pieces to be blown into a mould to make the hollow form. This will then allow me to fit a light source inside as well as finding a way to hang it from the ceiling. See below for some examples of how this might look.


Below you can see a hole at the top of the form where the glassblower will blow into the glass to get it to fill the mould. I will use this hole as the point at which the cable enters the glass to supply the LED COB light source inside with power. I am planning on using either two metals rods or a rubber bung to fit inside the glass to hold the glass onto the cable and allow it to be hung up.


I have also got a list of glassblowing companies which I am going to contact to see if they can help me with this glasswork-

  • Burslem Glass
  • Bath Aqua Glass
  • London Glassblowing
  • Plowden and Thompson

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