Further Trip to London

Having visited London a couple of weeks ago, I happened to be visiting London again. So I decided to visit a few of the showrooms that I didn’t manage to get to last time. The first place I visited was the Heal’s Showroom. This had more contemporary, designer lighting pieces. It demonstrated all the trends which are current in lighting design, such as the Scandinavian styles and polished, reflective finishes. I was particularly interested in a lighting chandelier by Bocci which you can see below in the first image of the gallery. It is very sculptural and artistic and demonstrated a trend of making lighting a pieces of art which can be installed in the home.

I also visited the Tom Dixon showroom which was really good to see. He presents his work in some very interesting ways. As you walked through the large, long corridors towards the shop, there were various installations of his lighting pieces. What I felt this did for the buyer was elevate the lighting pieces to an artistic level which could then be bought individually inside the shop, giving the buyer a feeling their were buying into a piece of art. Additionally Tom Dixon had his books around the shop which spoke about all the processes and concepts behind each pieces, giving further context to the pieces on offer. Another interesting thing to note from his shop was the way he displayed his metal candle holders. He had the candle holders on display which were made out of solid aluminium, and then below he displayed them as the looked when they had come straight out of the sandcasting, unfinished, hinting at the process behind each pieces to the buyer.


I also looked at the window of Michael Anastassiades studio which I thought was a really nice was of displaying work outside of a studio space.


In addition to this there was a really interesting exhibition going on in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall. The Tate describe the exhibitions as

Anywhen is a site-specific exhibition that changes throughout the day and that will evolve during the six-month period of the commission. The exhibition is conceived as an automaton which guides the public through a constantly changing play of moving elements, light configurations and sound environments. The artist states that ‘the exhibition is a construction of situations or sequences in a non-linear narrative’.

Below is the accopaniying video about the piece.

The experience I had of the pieces will be completely different to experience someone else will have of the pieces on a different day as the pieces is constantly evolving and changing based around the micro organism on that day. This is interesting to me because it is dealing with live data and the piece is compleatly defined by its surroundings, just like my pieces are defined by external data of the planets.



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