CNC Limitations

Once I had got all my files ready, I went to begin the process of CNC’ing each form. However, I immediately ran into an big issue. The CNC machines in the soft-modelling workshop are too small to CNC the forms from a single block of model board. This gave me a couple of alternative options; outsource the pieces at large cost, work with the Fablab in the university to CNC the pieces suing their large CNC machine, split the forms into sections small enough to CNC on the smaller soft-modelling CNC machines.

The best options out of this was to work with the Fablab as they have a large flatbed CNC machine which can do 3 axis work. However, the 3 axis function of the machine in the Fablab has not been used much, so I will be working with them too find the best way of machining the parts and which may take quite a while. But it is the best option and will be an interesting process to engage which I will be blogging about on here in the coming weeks. I will also need to make a through time plan once I have an idea about how long the process of CNC’ing the pieces will take.


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