Material Choice

As part of the 8 planet collection, each material of each from will be defined by the planets albedo, relating the the materials own albedo.

I have had to scale some of the forms a bit differently depending on what material they are going to be made out of due to materials shrinkage, most notable in porcelain with a shinkage of 15%. Aluminium and Bronz also have a shrinkage of 2-3% and Terracotta and White Earthenware slip have a shrinkage of 9-10% which needs accounting for.

I needed to know the reflectivity of each materiel to match it to the planet. Below is my initial estimations for the reflectivity of each material along with the material shrinkage-

Planet Name Bond Albedo Material Material Shrinkage
Mercury 0.068 Walnut
Mars 0.25 Terracotta 10%
Neptune 0.29 Oak
Uranus 0.3 White Earthenware 10%
Earth 0.306 Porcelain 15%
Saturn 0.342  Lightly patinated Bronze 2%
Jupiter 0.343 Aluminium brushed 2%
Venus 0.9 Bronze Polished 2%

With this in mind I went about doing some material testing to establish what the materials might look light together and to try and establish it reflectivity. I first gathered the material I was going to test, polishing some bronze and brushing some aluminium. Below are some of the initial material samples-

I then took them into a dark room and using a laser, shone a point of light onto each surface measuring how much light was bounced back onto a piece of white card. I decided I didn’t like how the patinated Bronze fitted in with eh rest of the materials. It had quite a high reflectivity due the metallic surface, yet to the eye it looks very dark and stuck out like a sore thumb! Therefore I decided to add in a new material; concrete. I love the minimalist aesthetic of concrete, along with its surface finish. I i the least reflective of all the materials. Below are the materials in the final order of reflectivity-

Concrete Mercury
Walnut Mars
Terracota Neptune
Oak Uranus
Porceline Earth
White earthenware Saturn
Bronze Venus
Aluminum Jupiter


And the materials in order of the planets as they will be in the final exhibition-

Concrete Mercury
Bronze Venus
Porcelain Earth
Walnut Mars
Aluminum Jupiter
White earthenware Saturn
Oak Uranus
Terracotta Neptune



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