Lasercutting from Grasshopper

Alongside the developing and modelling the wall lighting pieces fro the final exhibition, I am continuing to research and develop other possible avenues and applications of my design method. I recently developed a design or a coffee table with a form defined by ocean currents. With a form which I was happy with, I turned my mind to how I might be able to produced it and thus managed to create a ‘waffle’ structure which divided the form into planes. I have now found a way of taking these sections and laying them out in order to create files which could either be read by a lasercutter or CNC machine to then be layered on top of each other creating a contour effect. Below is the result.

The definition is below (includes the whole definition for slicing) –


The definition basically says copy the curves of each section. It then takes the information of all those curves and moves then a set distance. The clever bit is then to map each of these curves onto a flat rectangular grid which layers all the curves out side by side. This can then be exported as vectors readable by 2D lasercutters and CNC machines. This opens up some interesting possibles to produce some models of some of the complex forms I am producing through splitting the forms up into sections. The next stage will be to create slots in each section so instead of just layering them on top of each other, they actually interlink to product the waffle structure as in my renders-



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