The 8 Planet Definition

Below you can see the definition to produce the 8 planets (click to enlarge and zoom in to see individual components)


It has been a case of starting out with the simple curve attrator definition and building and developing it from there into something quite complex. The main part I have developed is to go from the simple circular form the I got at the end of last term to a light that is suitable as a wall up-lighter. This involved orientating the piece so it would allow light out of the top but not the bottom and creating a new flat part on the bottom of the form which could be fitted onto the wall. Each definition for each planet did vary slightly due to the different shapes the data generated, thus sometimes requiring a different set of component to achieve the require form.

I have learn an awful lot of the past months of using Grasshopper and I feel I am now proficient enough in it to work out a way of doing the things I want. I will now work on rendering each piece in the representative materials.


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