Thoughts on the Exhibition

I have had a few ideas on how I might present my pieces at the end of year exhibition. The presentation of the pieces are going to be very important. It is often that high-end lighting designers present their work as part of an installation, with the individual pieces of the installation being available to then buy. Lee Broom is a perfect example of this with his ‘Opacity’ Installation which I went and saw in London’s Design Festival.

This is what I want to do with my work. I want to use the exhibitions as a way of communicating to the customer the concept of the pieces and demonstrating how the pieces are not just products but also pieces of art in their own right. By making them part of a installation it elevates the pieces in the mind of the customers and often makes them pay more for each pieces giving them something more than a standard lighting fixture. Bocci is another example of a designer who delves into the art world offering pieces of work with conceptual means alongside the production of lighting installation displayed in many different exhibition and gallery spaces. Below is their installation displayed in the Barbican.

I am interested in having curved wall for my exhibition space. On the wall the lighting pieces could be arranged in order of either reflective or as they are ordered in the solar system. In the centre of the curve would be the Sun, hanging and illuminating the faces of the wall lighting pieces, with the wall lights providing upwards light. The curved wall would hark to the circular orbits of the planets around the sun and would subtly hint at the concept when the viewer first sees the work.

Alongside this I want to create a promotional video of each pieces inspired by NASA videos of planets in space. The video would treat the form as a planet and zoom into the undulating surfaces of each form and rotate around it as if it were a terrestrial body. The camera could zoom into the planet digitally and emerge out the other side physically, merging the digital and physical object. It could even merge the planet and the form, helping to get across the concept further.

It would also be nice to make a book for each pieces which explains visually all about the piece. There is a lot of design scope for how this could look to get the concept across to the viewer in the best way possible.


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