Further Conceptual Renderings

I wasn’t particularly happy with the way the forms were translating to a function. I really liked the effect of using the planet forms from last term as the base for a coffee table, see previous renderings, so I wanted to try and recreate this using the swirling, flowing forms of the ocean data. For this I realised I was going to have to zoom into the data further, so once I create the surface from the data image, I cut a section away from the rest using a circle, see below for the satisfying results-

You can see the new resulting renderings of a series of coffee tables with new forms which focus on a smaller area of data from the NASA visualisations-

I am really pleased with these outcomes and their flowing forms representing the oceans. The concepts would be very difficult to produce without large scale CNC machining and casting. However, I plan to explore how how these forms might be feasible for making.

I also worked on re-designing the drinking glass design using this new technique of focusing in on the data. I am pleased with how the form is much more flowing and water-like.

In addition to this I also created a salad bowl to see how the form might translate to a crescent shape for possible future table ware-




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