Renderings and Concepts

Alongside Grasshopper I have been exploring and experimenting with some rendering software called Keyshot, which produces photo-realistic rendering of models made in Rhino. It is a very powerful piece of software which I am still learning but is very useful for visualising concept designs such as that I am producing at the moment, as well designing my exhibition space which I am also working on.

I have been using this software to visualize some of the possible functions of the new forms I have been creating.

Below you can see a concept for a drinking glass with the from defined by swirling and eddying the ocean currents. Rendered in a variety of materials.


I have also used the beauty and pattern of the oceans and its currents as the centre for a glass coffee table.

Perhaps more successful than this; I experimented with turning my older planetary forms upside down to make the base for a coffee table. See below-



I plan to explore how I could apply this type of form to the data I am using at the moment t hopefully try and achieve a similar effect.


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