Beginning of Field

This years Field Module is our final work and how we present it. The design of the exhibition at the end of the years is incredibly important. I have begun to think about how I might present my lighting pieces from last term if they were my final pieces;

I was very pleased with how the Neptune and Uranus came out along with the glass Sun. My initial thoughts are to make the nine planets using the the same Grasshopper definition that created the Neptune and Uranus forms making each planet a different material in correspondence to its albedo. The forms would be arranged on the wall in a strategic grid so that the light from each lit the other and produce beautiful shadows and highlights on the walls and surfaces. The Sun would be a single hanging pendant light in the centre made from cast glass and lit from within.

See below for a few initial renderings-

I intend to model further how the forms would look together in a space.


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