The Final Lit Pieces

For the deadline I lit all my finished pieces; The Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and the sun. I used various different techniques to do this;

For the Earth, Moon and Mars I got a reflective white sheet of acrylic, drilled holes in the places where I wanted to put the pieces and mounted high-power LED (3V) behind these holes which let the light through. Below is a short video of me soldering those high-power LEDs-

I then put the pieces over the holes to allow the light to be reflected from under the pieces. This created the aurora I was looking for. I also did this with my ceramic pieces Neptune and Uranus. Below are the results-





For Jupiter and Saturn I created a stand which was made out of 2 layers of lasercut acrylic and then sandblasted to created a frosted effect. The high-power LEDs lit the pieces from below and accentuated the shadows of the pieces.




For the glass sun I simply put it on a small acrylic stand with a very high power LED embedded, lighting the piece from below.



I am really pleased with how all the pieces have turned out, all the work has really paid off in the end! I am particularly pleased with how the glass has turned out and how it looks when it is lit. I also really like how the aluminium resins pieces look when the are lit from below, I think the forms are very pleasing. The aurora given out from around the Earth, Moon and Mars is also very pleasing and is a method of lighting a pieces which I want to explore further. I think the ceramic pieces are also successful and it could be interesting to try out a glaze on them. I need to think further on how I am going to light them as I wasn’t as pleased with how they looked lit.

I feel I have learnt a lot about the process of casting in many different materials and feel that, taking this forward into next year, I have enough knowledge to produce the pieces quicker and smoother, learning from my mistakes this term. I am very happy that I am getting to work with a wide range of materials as I am constantly learning more and more about each one, particularity how they can be finished and perfected as well as how each material acts and behaves when being cast. I am looking forward to getting my bronze casts of my Mercury and Venus forms done next term and seeing how they finish up and react to the light.



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