Getting the Waxes

I now had to get some usable wax casts from my moulds for the glass Sun and bronze Venus and Mercury. This was a very tedious process as, due to the size, I had to make the objects hollow which meant I needed to use slightly different methods to usual. This wasn’t the case of course for Mercury which is much smaller and can be made solid.

For Venus I needed to first brush on the wax and reinforce the points of the form with beads of soft wax. This is because hot wax wears away points leaving holes which is what I found with my first wax cast of Venus. After doing this I poured in hot wax to melt it all together and then poured in cooler wax to create a inner coating, pouring this out after about 30 seconds to ensure it was hollow.

For the glass sun form I needed to fill one half of the mould with hot wax and let it dry a bit until there was a coating on the walls of the shape. I then put the two halves together and rotated the mould around until I thought the shape had had an even coating. The wax had to be at just the right temperature to achieve this, otherwise it would be too cold and leave holes, or too hot and either warp the shape or not properly coat it.

Below are the outcomes after many attempts along with some fails! I really like the way the wax picks up the 3D printer marks again and how the waxes are already slightly reflective which should transfer into the bronze and possibly the glass as well. Again, these methods to get these wax forms are different to methods that I have used previously so I have learnt a lot and feel I would be much more confident doing this next time; I would have a better feel for what temperature the wax should be at the different stages in order to get a successful wax cast.



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