Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik) focuses his work on immersive environments, generating animations from algorithms and creating 3D worlds to transform perceptions of space. One of his most interesting pieces gathers data from the ocean and is named FLOW. The artists writes

FLOW is an immersive interactive installation that was premiere in the deep space 8k media display at ARS electronica . Inspired by the natural phenomenon of the tides, the multimedia environment offers a sensory experience poetic, playful and aesthetic principles of the rise and fall of sea levels. It invites visitors to plunge into the fascinating world of science through interactive immersion.

I really like the immersive experience created using the data, giving you a really feeling for the oceans within a space, reacting to the viewers as you walk around the installation. I think what is really nice is how the artists has brought the oceans and their fluidity into a space, completely emerging you in it through the use of data and algorithms.


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