Generating The Forms

The first stage of the making was generating the different forms for the different planets. I compiled a list of all the different ways of making form which I had discovered over the past month of using grasshopper. These are as follows-

  • Using the BiArc component to turn a series of curves into a curved and swirling surface.
  • Using a point attractor definition to pull surface to a point or a series of points
  • Using a point attractor definition again, but using a graph mapper to create wave-like forms originating from a set number of points in space.
  • Using a point attractor definition again, but using a curve to pull  a surface

I will use one definition for each group so I have a range of forms created. This will not only help to make the groups stand out but will also let me visualize all the different forms in the different materials, hopefully allowing me to develop the project further. Below are the resulting forms-

Mercury Venus


Earth, Moon Mars


Jupiter and Saturn


Neptune and Uranus


I really like the forms that I have got out. I am really looking forward to see how they look when 3D printed. I have run out of definitions now and I still have the Sun to as well as possibly Pluto, so I am going to do a bit more research to try and find another way of creating those forms. Below is a timelaps  of creating the form for Mercury ad Venus.

Below are all the definitions (click to enlarge) –

Curve Attractor (Neptune and Uranus)-


Point Attractors (Earth, Moon, Mars) –


BiArc Curves (Mercury and Venus) –


Sine wave Point Attractors Jupiter and Saturn-




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