Final Forms

Following a tutorial with my tutors I have decided to take forward a design for my forms; I have decided to use the albedo of the planets to define the material of the object, with each group using the same materials but finished differently to achieve the representative reactivity in the materials to represent the albedo of the planet. For instance, Venus has a very high albedo, so I plan to make it out of bronze and polish it to give a high-gloss, high-reflective finish, whereas Mercury has a low albedo so I will patina the bronze to give it low reflectivity.

One of the major question that I have been trying to address recently is the scale of the objects. I obviously want the scale to relate back to the scale of the planet themselves. However due to the abstract nature of this (Jupiter is  1300 time the size of earth!), I though I could group the planets, and scale each planet to its group member. For instance Mercury and Venus are a group as they are the closest to the sun before Earth, Jupiter and Saturn are a group because they are referred to as the Gas Giants.

Additionally, each group will use a different type of definition in grasshopper to create the form of the piece so there is a range of different forms from the data. Each group also helps one to visualize the difference in data between the two forms.

The sun will also be included in the collection as a object in itself, I have yet to decide how to do Pluto due to how small it is, it may need to be a piece on its own. Below is the table I will be referring to to make my pieces-

Planet Bond Albedo Materials and Finish
Moon 0.12  Matte Paint, Dark Grey
Mercury 0.12  Patinated Bronze
Mars 0.16 Matte Paint, Light Grey
Neptune 0.29 High fired Porcelain
Uranus 0.3 High fired Porcelain
Earth 0.3 Matte Paint- Very Light Grey
Saturn and Jupiter 0.34 Polished Pewter or Aluminium
Venus 0.75 Polished Bronze


Planets in Group Reasons for Group Materials and Finish
Venus and Mercury Fiery, hostile, closest to the sun Polished Bronze and Patinated Bronze
Earth, Moon and Mars Fascinations of Man Matte Paint, Tones of Grey from Dark to Light
Jupiter and Saturn The Gas Giants Polished Pewter or Aluminium
Neptune and Uranus The Ice Giants High fired Porcelain

At this stage, there are a few outstanding questions about the pieces that I still need to think about, however I am trying to get the forms into the different materials to help me visualize the collection and concept to possible spark further ideas. One question that still needs to be explored is what type of functionality with the lights be. I like the idea of having some of them as wall lights giving a auroa of light out from around them. I could confine them to a circle that gives out a auroa of light which also links back to the spherical shapes of the planets themselves. I was also initially inspired by the lights below, so I have been looking for an opportunity to integrate this type of aesthetic into my work.

A further question which may need answering is how the objects all relate to each other as a whole, because after all I am dealing with a system of planets which all relate to each other, and it would be really nice to have them as a collection. However, that brings back the question of scale, so it something I am going to have to think on.




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