Further Ideas

Following my research into the planets and my exploration of form generation I have decided to lay out all my ideas for my planet project so far. These are as follows-

  • Using the parameters of the planets to define forms
  • Using layers to integrate lighting into the forms
  • Using other factors to do with the planets such as magnetic field strength, axial tilt, heat etc. to further influence the forms of the lighting pieces.
  • Using the albedo of planets to influence the forms
  • Using albedo as the main concept for the lighting pieces, and each form varies depending on the different albedos.
  • Materials choices for the pieces relate backs to the planets age eg. bronze or ceramic are ancient materials.
  • Applying different process tp the forms eg CNC machining, Bending, casting etc.
  • Using magnetic levitation to levitate the forms in space, the forms could then be lit from below, or lit from the indie using wireless electricity transfer.

I would like to explore as many of these ideas as possible and go with the ones which I find most interesting or most viable. Whilst I like the idea of magnetic levitation, I may have to leave it to next term due to the time it will take to develop a device which can do this. I certainly want to integrate the albedo of each planet somehow, as well as using materials to contribute to the overall effect.


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