Further Research

In addition to the planetary data I have carried out research into the individual characteristics of the planets in our solar system, exploring things such as the atmosphere and internal structure. I plan to use this research to further inform the shapes that I create. For instance some of the research brought up interesting forms and curves created by the nature of the planets magnetic field which extends far beyond the planets atmosphere. Below are some screen shot examples of the pages of research that I have complied from various sources on the web.


I have also summed up some of the most interesting findings from the research on a separate sheet of paper to enable me to flick through and find the most important information from the research. I plan to make a booklet out of all this information to keep it all together for future reference. This could actually be something that goes together with the product when the end user buys their piece; a little booklet of interesting information which relate back to the form the have purchased.

Additionally, I have also looked into other areas of the planets that are not scientific. This being the myths and connections with the planets. I am interested in using this information to also inform the forms and maybe how they make you feel when you view it or what type of light they give off to create a certain atmosphere. Below is some of the research-


I plan to also summarize all this information in my research booklet.


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