Initial Grasshopper Experiments

Below are some of my initial experiments using the data sheets. The main component I am experimenting with at the moment is the ‘BiArc’ component. This component creates two sets of curves with opposing vectors between two curves, see below for example.

What I did to get my first usable form was create three curves that were defines by the data parameters. For instance, create two points and the distance they are apart corresponds to the data from the planets, with a uniform arc going between them. you then put the BiArc between the three curves with the middle curve being moved along the z axis by a set amount from the data. this creates a set of BiArc curves. You can then loft these curves to create a surface, which is a really interesting. If the curves were not defined by that data the form would be complete different, so the form is defines by the planets.

The issue I am now trying to deal with is how to 3D print this complex form. The issue is that the form is only a surface which cannot be simple exported as an STL because it needs to be a solid object. The surface can also not be simply extruded due to complex curves which creates many undercuts, and the surfaces are too complex to simply thicken. This is something I am going to work on over the next week.


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