Grasshopper Plugin

Grasshopper is a plugin for Rhino (CAD) that allows you to parametrically design objects and forms which translate into Rhino. In the next week I intend to continues to teach myself from various tutorials on the internet, how to use this program.

The first thing I have realised is just how big this programs is and all the possible things you can create using it. There are also many different ways to create one thing! It is actually quite a simple case of input and output, however it is understanding exactly what each component does which takes the time, because there are hundreds of functions as well as quite a few extensions you can download which extend Grasshoppers’s abilities. Below you can see some example of other peoples Grasshopper ‘definitions’ which is all the functions connected as a whole to create a form.

I have also realised that one must be good at problem solving and thinking outside the box as it may not be a straight forward case of connecting the right functions to create the desired form, but one may have to attached a whole bunch of functions which may not seem necessary, but converts the data to the correct, readable format the main component needs.







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