After carrying out some of my research into planets and geometry, discovering an interest in parametric design, I have had a few of the ideas, some of which are as follows-

  • Letting every stage of the making process be determined by the data. For instance, holding a piece of metal in the forge for x amount of time before hitting it with a hammer x amount of times around a corner to create an angle defined by the process of heating and hammering x times.
  • Start with a simple geometric form such as a cylinder and manipulate it according to the data. This could be twisting it, bending it, scaling it etc.
  • Make a simple lamp but each element is considered by the data, right down to how the light is given off. So the radius of the base is x in diameter, lampshade is x in diameter, the light falls x distance away from the lamp.
  • Parametrically designing forms which could be either combine or simply are something on their own. these forms are then used as a basis for a lighting piece.

All of my ideas are based on defining a form/shape using data from our natural sources of light, specifically, the sun and the other planets in our solar system. The planets have been something that has fascinated humans ever since they looked towards the skies, so I am interested in looking into as much as I can behind the planets, to create a design which is completely considered with the starting point being an exploration of form and how can it be created.


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