David Bowen

David Bowen is an artists who utilises data to produce interesting sculpture, both kinetic and stationary.  I really like his use of real time data to create sculpture which react to the data in real time. Below is the kinetic sculpture which moves with the ocean-

It is title Tele-Present water, Bowen states that-

This installation draws information from the intensity and movement of the water in a remote location. Wave data is being collected in real-time from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data buoy station 46246, 49.985 N 145.089 W (49°59’7″ N 145°5’20” W) on the Pacific Ocean. The wave intensity and frequency is scaled and transferred to the mechanical grid structure resulting in a simulation of the physical effects caused by the movement of water from halfway around the world

Some of his other work includes a growth modelling device which scans and 3D prints the different stages of the growth if a plant in real time and ‘cloud Piano’ which presses the keys on a piano as defined by the movement of the clouds.

What I really like about Bowen’s work is his use of natures data to generate sculpture which update in real time, letting something external define the movement of the sculptures, bringing natures pattern into the gallery spaces. This use of data is something I am really interested in, bringing nature and its patterns into form.


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