Planet Data Sheet

Through research on the planets, I found a data sheet published by NASA with parameters about each of the planets in our solar system, this data includes basic information such as mass, density and size, as well as more complex data such as orbital velocity and exit velocity. I found all this data really interesting, understanding how each bit data from that planet related to the other, such as how the mean temperature is affected by the distance from sun. It could give me the opportunity to do a piece which looks at the difference between the planets, comparing the data of each or combining the data from the two to create a form. Below you can see the data.


Additionally, there is individual planetary data sheets which gives more detailed information about the planet itself as well as a ratio against the earth and all of earths data along side this, to compare the two.


I think this detailed data could also provide inspiration for further exploration. For instance more detailed research into the magnetosphere could yield very interesting insights into how the magnetic field around planets and within the solar system, works.


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