Research and Development Module

The first term requires us to research and develop our practice towards our final show and exhibition where we should be working at a professional level producing work which could would not look out of place against other professional in the field.

I have begun this research through the objects which I found had some of the ideal values for me. I have identified some key areas I would like to pursue this year and potentially develop towards a professional outcome or series of outcomes at the end of this year. Below is a list, in order of interest, of the areas I would like to explore as a starting point to the brief, I will probably end up incorporating two or more into my work-

Geometry- Using simple geometry to create a symmetrical and balanced form.

Planets- using information from NASA to create a lighting piece. Using the science behind our natural sources of light to inspire a lighting piece.

Gravity- Making an object gravity defying or look like it could be tipped at any moment.

Form generation- Using forms which are derived from patterns and even formulas which arise in nature to inform a lighting piece.

Materials- Using material itself as a starting point for the form or aesthetic of a lighting piece.

Form- simplifying forms which are already present, natural or otherwise, and letting them inform clean sleek aesthetic.

I would also like to integrate some of the latest technology into the lighting piece.





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