A lot of the objects that I explored in my summer work have been industrially outsourced; creating the component by hand is just too time consuming or too difficult. For instance a blow glass sphere is likely to have been made by a specialist glass blowing company.

For me it is the same, if I was to make an levitation device it would just take me far too long and I would need a whole training in electricity and magnetism! So it would be better for me to find a device that I can purchase from an external company and then focus on designing around this. Additionally, certain materials processes are too difficult to achieve by hand and I may not have access to the correct facilities. This is where it would be necessary to get a company to make this for me.

All of the above products are likely to have some outsourced components, whether that be electromagnets for magnetic levitation or a company with a CNC machine which can cut marble.

The industrially finished aesthetic is something that I really like, so it may be that I have to find a company this year that will make and finish some of my componants for me.


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