Summer Travels

Over the summer period I embarked on a trip along the west coast Italy. During this trip I experienced a large wealth of Italian culture and history. As many people have been, I was inspired by the Roman architecture and design.  Thanks to their incredible knowledge of construction we are still able to view the remains of their civilizations in incredible condition. What I found interesting were the Roman pillars, thousands of years old they are still holding up temples and churches. Or sometimes they would be the only thing standing amongst the remains, hinting at the times gone by and what might have stood there before. The Pillars found are often repaired and patched using cement blending a combination of new and old which can creates an interesting effect. The pillars have also weathered beautifully, still showing their original forms but with weathered edges and holes. I was interested in their design, how they would vary in pattern and how the mantels on top would also vary in decoration.

I am interested in using the architecture and forms of Roman pillars to create a lighting piece using the old and making it new again.


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