This year the uni offered a trip to the London Design Festival. We went to the design show Tent which was a really good experience. It was interesting to see the wealth of design from around the world.

Below are a few of the most inspiring pieces for me-

I particularly liked some of the Scandinavian and Korean design that was present, with the minimalist tones running through their work and the focus on material and finish of the pieces. Some of the pieces had some interesting making technology in their work; one of the pieces from Norway made use of a two-point laser cutter which enabled forms inside of glass to be created (see the first image). This forms then reflected the light when it was turned on.

I also really enjoyed looking at some of the installation pieces that were dotted around London, outside of tent. Lee Brooms ‘Opacity’ consisted of many hanging spheres in a mirrored room, creating the never ending illusion of space. I was also able to see some OLED products with AppleTec’s installation of many twisted and curved OLED lighting strips. It was great to see this technology in person as it is something I have been researching. The light that the OLED lights gave off was amazing, with next to no glare, making it very soothing to look at, and ultra thin, so that they could be twisted into any form.


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