For my dissertation I am writing a Businesses plan. Part of this requires me to research the market and the current trends present in the market. Below are some of my findings which I find inspiring and exciting, feeding back into my subject work. Below is an extract from my business plan-

A brand new technology which could revolutionize lighting design is Organic Light-emitting Diodes (OLED). OLEDs are actually very different from LEDs in both appearance and lighting performance. A report prepared by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy explains that OLEDs have large surface area, low in luminance and far thinner than LEDs, normally giving out a diffused light (Miller and Leon, 2016). The report suggested how OLED panels demonstrate “great aesthetic potential” due to their properties. OLED panels can be made flexible, which is a very attractive property for a lighting designer, providing a potential platform for a curved or flexible light source which may not have otherwise been possible. The report highlights that “as these technologies evolve, and the price to implement them drops, non-rigid OLED lighting products may offer a competitive advantage over LED and other lighting technologies” (Miller and Leon, 2016). Additionally, the potential for transparent OLED units represents a unique opportunity “in applications where a combination window and light source is desired” (Miller and Leon, 2016). IHS estimated the “OLED panel market will increase tenfold to £26 million in 2020, up from today $2.7 million” (Rhodes, no date).

OLED products are relatively new so getting hold of them is not only hard but also quite costly but I would really like to try and get my hands on some this year to utilize their ideal properties. A manufacturing technique called roll-to-roll is being developed to bring the cost down. This is where OLED panels can be printed in large batches making the cost per unit much cheaper than the current method of manufacture which is much more expensive. 


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