Making the Light: Stage 5

The final stages of making proved to be ver stressful! The top light was far harder to get right that I realised. It was really hard to get the two outer rings so thin and have  decent recess in them to sit the LEDs. I used the laser cutter to engrave the grooves into the pieces and after a few attempts managed to get two ring with a good groove for the LED in. Another issue I had was there wasn’t any acrylic in the correct thickness to layer up to exactly 20mm. What I figured out was I would actually cut the outer rings to the shape of the triangle, see below for images. Whilst I was sorting this out I sprayed my 3D Print, which painted really well, and Sandblasted my resin. I also drilled the holes for the magnets in the 3D print. However this didn’t go that well as the materials was so soft and the holes ended up a bit out of shape and too large. I then came up with idea of having a sandblasted layers of acrylic on the bottom of the triangle to not only hole the magnets in place bit also provide a base for the top light. I also decided to make this light up using two small LEDs, in the opposite corners to the magnets, which ran at the same voltage as the LEDs. Once I had sorted this out and join my acrylic layers I sandblasted everything and then fixed it together. Below you can see the result which I am pleased with. The design for how to construct this ring of light at the top of the light has changed greatly over the project but I have got there in the end. If I was to make it again I would try again with either making the ring resin or buying  the correct thickness of acrylic which would be 9.5 mm, making the construction easier. I also now know the setting on the laser cutter required to achive the grooves I was looking for.


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